Difference between apparatus DENAS and other electric therapeutic devices

I do not know any of any other methods which would give so much hope.
Professor Kh. Vasserman, 2001

The unique therapeutic opportunities offered by these devices include features which distinguish them from any other apparatus currently available:

  1. User-selectable signal profile to best resemble the shape of the body's nerve pulse.
  2. By the removal of any base constant component of the pulse signal, combined with the varied use of multi-batched pulses (in dosed and constant modes), the risk of the body becoming accustomed to (and therefore ignore) the therapeutic signal is eliminated.
  3. Signals of high-amplitude yet low-frequency and low voltage enable nerve excitement to all classes of the body's nerve fibres without causing damage.
  4. Penetration of the pulse into the corneal layer of the skin to a maximum depth of one mm.
  5. Capturing and processing of biological feedback, or "bio-feedback" of skin impedance. The apparatus itself locates the effective zones for treatment that it requires.
  6. The emitted pulses simulate natural pulses of the body and are quickly received as if they originated in the body itself.
  7. For each patient, the apparatus transmits batches of signals which have been specifically selected as ideal for that individual.
  8. The bio-feedback feature allows for a speedy delivery of the therapeutic solution.
  9. The stimulating pulse complements the regulating influences of the body's humoral and immune mechanisms.
  10. The signal in the body also serves to remove energy and information blocks, restoring lost links between pathologic zones and the controlling systems (e.g. nerve centres) of the body.
  11. The possibility of achieving success with a broad range of diseases. (The results may vary from person to person, and method of use.)
  12. The use of these apparatuses is indicated for treatment of acute states and for rendering emergency aid.
  13. Achievement of the desired effect during or immediately after treatment in many acute cases.
  14. Availability of a distant result of restoration of full control over lost functions.
  15. Very few contraindications for use of the apparatus.
  16. No age limit for use of the apparatus.
  17. The device is extremely portable, independent of the need for technicians or external power sources, and very simple to use.
  18. No special medical education is required for effective use of the apparatus.
  19. The solution may be achieved without intervention from other methods of treatment, though any other therapies used will generally not conflict with those offered by this device.
  20. Offers the optimal combination of cost and efficiency of treatment.