DENAS-Cardio-3 (model 2015)

denas-cardio 3 generation

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Now it is possible to decrease high arterial blood-pressure within several minutes absolutly safely without medicines.

Denas-Cardio-3 is absolutely safe battery powered device for the correction of arterial blood pressure. With its help the high blood pressure can be lowered during the therapy sessions, so that the state of health is significantly improved.

It is applied as therapeutic noninvasive course influence with a method of electrostimulation of biologically active zones which are located on human's wrist. The special mode of the device allows to decrease an arterial pressure and normalize the general condition of an organism within several minutes. The device is intended for individual application on treatment and prophylactic purposes.

Denas-Cardio not only decreases high arterial blood-pressure at the moment but also applied for the treatment and prophylaxis of hypertension and stressful conditions as additional noninvasive method.

The application of the device even allows to reduce medicines taking Denas-Cardio is very compact and comfortable in application. Owing to it's construction the device can always be near by. If you have constant tension, stress or headaches connected to hypertansion you can wear it on your wrist during the day and apply it on your wish.

The equipment is easy to use: you fix it to your hand and turn it on. Thanks to a special mode it will work automatically after that. This mode is a result of extensive clinical research, which has been conducted in clinics and in home conditions with several patients groups during the developement of DiaDENS-Cardio. It is a mode especially designed for the correction of arterial blood pressure, and it is absolutely safe for all users. A single treatment procedure takes 5-7 minutes.

The Denas-Cardio combines special frequency of 9,2 Hz, which is traditionally applied at treatment of hypertension(high blood-pressure), and developed program "7710" intended for sedative and calming effect.

As a result:
  • arterial pressure is being stabilized at the level acceptable for a patient
  • general state of health improves
  • psycho-emotional state improves
  • physical efficiency increases
  • the risk of complications of the essential hypertension is reduced
  • quality of the patient's life improves

Denas-Cardio indications:

  • High arterial blood-pressure (hypertension)
  • Weather changing heightened sensibility (unstable climate)
  • Stressful conditions

Denas-Cardio contraindications:

  • individual intolerance to the electric current
  • implanted cardiostimulator
  • condition of acute psychic excitement, alcoholic or drug intoxication
  • epileptic seizure
  • neoplasm of any etiology and localization
  • vein thrombosis

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The set of Denas-Cardio includes:
- Denas-Cardio device
- Instruction manual with methodical recommendations (English language)
- Plastic case
- Battery
- Package Battery
- Package

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