DENAS-therapy (DENS-therapy)

Dynamic electrical nerve stimulation (DENS) – is one of the up to date ways of health recovery and preservation. The range of DENS-apparatuses application is really wide: they are successfully used for prevention and treatment of various acute and chronical conditions.

What is DENS?

Dynamic electrical nerve stimulation (DENS) by means of neural-like electrical impulses, generated by DENS apparatuses, restores the work of major regulatory systems of our organism – nervous, endocrine and immune. On condition of accurate application DENS apparatuses start health-improving reactions in human organism due to which a number of curative effects can be quickly achieved:

  1. pain relief,
  2. decrease of inflammatory reactions,
  3. improvement of local blood flow in organs and restoration of normal heart and vessels regulation,
  4. metabolic processes normalization.

Ways of usage

Physiotherapeutic apparatuses DENS can be successfully used on any stage of disease both in complex with other methods and independently. They can be used by people with diseases of nervous system, respiratory organs, cardiovascular system, digestion and urinary tract organs, musculoskeletal, endocrine, reproductive systems; diseases of ENT organs, eyes and skin. Dynamic electrical nerve stimulation is also a perfect remedy for rehabilitation after diseases, surgical operations, traumas.

Besides, the apparatuses can be also successfully used by healthy people as an adjunct in the conditions of intense physical and mental activity, in cases of physical and mental strain, chronic fatigue syndrome, psychoemotional overloads.

The DENS is not addictive, possesses minimum contraindications and due to physiological impulse affect and lack of side effects it can be used even with newborns.

Proved quality

In the beginning of XXI century a range of researches was held in Russia on bases of leading scientific institutions. They were dedicated to the effectiveness of applying the method in various medical spheres. Employees of GC "DENAS" medical department and doctors of various specializations using the apparatuses in their practice published in total amount more than 800 scientific works, dedicated to DENS application. A range of PhD and doctor theses were upheld.

Due to numerous researches, approbations and elaborated treatment schemes, DENS obtained an official permission from the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Healthcare and Social Development for use of this new medical technology.

And the most eloquent proof of unanimous approval is a constantly growing number of DENS users.