DiaDENS-PCM-3 (Full English)

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DiaDENS-PCM-3 is a device for all family.

  • This is the best device for both children and adults.
  • It can be successfully applied for different diseases and prophylaxis.
  • The device is very simple to use. Any person can treat himself.
  • DiaDENS-PCM has a menu as a mobile phone and treatment algorithms of widespread diseases.
  • There is no need to study the instruction a long time and choose frequencies.
  • It`s enough to choose a disease from the list of menu of device and a necessary frequency is automatically turns on.
  • The manual tuning is for professionals of Dens-therapy.
  • During a treatment course the device reminds itself of a next procedure.


  • New "infraslow" frequencies of 1.0 to 9.9 Hz
    (with the minimal step 0.1 Hz);

    You can choose necessary frequency depend upon a disease.

    For example:
    ... 1.2 Hz - Autoimmune diseases, tachycardia, knee joint weakness
    ... 2.5 Hz - Insomnia, vegetative disorders, hypermenorrhoea, headache associated with the nasal sinus diseases, haemorrhages, brain contusions, lesions, menor-rhages, uterine myoma, oedemas, toxic and infectious liver damages, hepatitis, cirrhosis, parodontosis, sinusitis, contusions, eczema
    ... 9.2 Hz - Hypertension, otogenic headache, nephrogenic headache, gout, diastolic hypertension, dermatitis, spastic paralysis, nephrosclerosis, uremia, furunculosis, eczema (including the one combined with renal function disorders), diabetes mellitus

  • Therapy "10, 20 Hz":

    Universal regimens for correction of psycho-emotional state and hormonal imbalance

  • Therapy "60, 77, 140 Hz":

    Special regimens for therapy of pain, edema, inflammation, rehabilitation in case of spinal and joint diseases

  • Therapy "200 Hz":

    Special regimen for quick pain relief

  • Program "MED":

    Minimal Effective Doze - special regimen for therapy of stress and physical overstrain, prevention of various diseases

  • Program "SCREENING":

    Helps to selects the optimal zones and points for therapy

  • New therapeutic frequencies 77.10 and 77.AM

    77.10 - It produces obvious relaxing effect in the form of reducing the wakefulness level, induces relaxation and drowsiness. It can be effectively used for elimination of pain, in sleep disorders, and anxiety conditions.

    77.AM - This regime produces effects opposite to those of the regime "7710". It is effective when used as a preventive and treatment of physical and mental fatigue, for emotional stress, or depressions

DIADENS-PCM English vs Russian

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pcm and applicator

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pcm and dens-glasses

Set "DiaDENS-PCM and Dens-Glasses"

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Characteristics of the device

Device DiaDENS-PСM
operations manual including a technical
passport and user's instructions
Battery of type LR6/AA (not included)
Holder lace




- Alex, why did buy this particular apparatus DiaDENS-PCM?

- Our family has already got DENAS apparatus (old model) it has treated all of us for several years. We have actively used it. And now we have got an opportunity to purchase more modern apparatus, all the more so as it is not inferior to DENAS and it is even superior to DENAS in some features.

So I have liked DiaDENS-PCM at the first gaze - As a matter of fact, I like everything compact and modern. And now this apparatus has appeared and it can take at least the place of procedure room if not the place of doctor.

- What are the new features you have already appreciated?

- It can be used to take prophylactic measures - our family is conscious about that before the cold winter sets in. My wife was delighted most of all. She has the snivels but she is afraid of flu inoculation. And owing to several minutes of daily apparatus work in MED mode, the common cold is fought off.

- What exactly has attracted you most of all?

- There are lots of pleasant surprises in the repertoire of this small apparatus for me as an experienced user: timer, clock, display panel which gives the information about the mode and work capacity you are using and the battery charge.

And the main thing is the easy control of direct care. New apparatus memory contains the tips helping to cure 15 diseases and to response to complaints: from headache to renal disease and hangover. These tips are organized in the menu similar to the mobile phone menu. You just need to press the "up" and "down" buttons and find the necessary command: "snivels", "toothache", "joint pain" and so on. Then you should put the apparatus onto the "problem zone" - nose, jaw or ill joint - and then the apparatus itself will select the necessary exposure frequency. After the treatment the apparatus makes a sound to inform you about the end of a session.

If there is no tip to solve your problem, you can use the small instruction which clearly tells and shows what to do.

- So you have changed your previous apparatus to more easy-to-use and modern one?

- It is not just easy-to use. It is easy-to-cure - it has more powerful capabilities. The beginners can carry out a session in auto mode. The more experienced ones can adjust the frequency they have already got used to, actively use infralow frequencies and diagnose a case with the help of "Screening" program. In short, they can use all their knowledge of DENS and their body. The apparatus has the popular modes: 77АМ (with tonic effect) and 77.10 (with relaxing effect).

As for me, this apparatus is the perfect continuation of electroneurostimulation apparatus line. And this particular method has been already duly appreciated by lots of people!