Reviews of doctors about the apparatus DENAS and DiaDENS


— Using the results of the studies, we can conclude that the DENS is an organic, natural, and safe method of the rehabilitation. The regulatory mechanism incorporated in the electroneurostimulation aims to restore the organism. I suggest that the DENS therapy may become a decent contribution to the system of the chronic diseases treatment. A big plus of the DENS method is the lack of side effects which, alas, accompany the permanent medication. So, even from this point of view the DENS is the optimal method.

Karin Kraft, Professor, doctor of medicine, head of the Department of the medical faculty of the Rostock University, Germany

— In my opinion, the DENS method has rather good prospects. Being a physician, first of all I pay attention not to the home usage of the devices but to their usage in the hospital setting. And I think that the device has the potential to become a widely used therapeutic agent in modern medical practice.

Gabriela Headey, Professor, MD, Director of the Institute for rehabilitation Yamamoto, , Budapest, Hungary
академик Зилов Вадим Георгиевич о дэнасе

— We constantly get more and more records about the fact that the combined application of the pharmacotherapy and non-drug methods including DENS has better therapeutic effect than the drug itself, which has no effect at all in 20% of cases and causes side effects in 30% of cases.

Zilov Vadim Georgievich, academician of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences, Professor, head of the Department of non-drug methods of treatment and clinical physiology, Moscow medical Academy named. I. M. Sechenov

— Any method of ophthalmic diseases treatment must be infallible, painless, and comfortable in usage. Therefore, such techniques as the DENS therapy are necessary and of great importance.

Ryabtseva Alla Alekseevna, D. M. H., chief ophthalmologist of the Moscow region, the head of the eye clinic of the Moscow regional research clinical Institute. M. C. Vladimir

— The electroreflexotherapy is the most progressive part of reflexology. It is due to the non-invasiveness and versatility of the impact. The effect of the DENS is the most elaborated, progressive, sophisticated, and contemporary part of the reflexology.

Vasilenko Alexei Mikhailovich, honored doctor of Russia, D. M. N., head of the Department of reflex and manual therapy University

— After the research, I may state with a certainty that the DENS influence on the affected joints is a one more effective way of our patients' treatment. Our specialization is not actually rich in various treatments that are really helpful for the patient. Due to the DENS we may actually reduce the dosage of the painkillers for a patient with osteoarthritis.

Lesnyak Olga M., D. M. H., Professor, head of the Department of family medicine, ULMA

— Despite the fact that the DENS devices were originally designed for the distribution in Russia, they are widely used even abroad. An important aspect of the DENS popularity is its safety. There are almost no contraindications as for applying of this method, because it is impossible to hurt yourself by the microcurrent therapy. This factor and many others had played a decisive role in the process of receiving the status of the home physiotherapy device. One more great advantage of the dynamic electroneurostimulation devices is their multifunctionality that allows to use them for the various diseases treatment.

Drobyshev Victor A., D. M. H., Professor, head of the Department of rehabilitation medicine, Novosibirsk state medical University

— The DENS method provided by the apparatus of the DENAS Company has proven itself as an effective and affordable way of treatment and recovery.

Dmitrieva Tatyana Borisovna, D. M. H., Professor, academician of RAMS, Director of the State scientific center of social and forensic psychiatry named. B. N. Serbian Minister of health of the Russian Federation (1996-1998)

— DENS is a new method of treatment, the effectiveness of which we have studied for many experimental models in the laboratory conditions. This gives us an opportunity to speak about the great prospects of this method applying in our health care system.

Bazaar Vladimir Viktorovich, D. M. H., Professor of the Department of clinical laboratory and microbiological diagnostics, senior researcher, Central research laboratory Ergma, Ekaterinburg

— The DENS therapy represents the productive development of technology. In some countries, a theoretical base develops faster than a clinical one. On the contrary, our fundamental theoretical base lags behind, but we can name a lot of the breakthroughs in the spheres of methodology and technology.

Mazerov Evgeny Y., D. M. H., Director of the Institute of reflexology fncac traditional treatment methods M3 RF