DENAS--3 (model 2014)

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DENAS-T-3 appliance capabilities are also enhanced due to modulated modes 77 10 and 77 AM.

So, here is the track record of the novelty:

  1. DENAS-T in "Therapy" mode operates at frequencies of 10, 20, 60, 77, 140, 200 Hz.
  2. High frequencies (200 and 140 Hz) are effective in case of acute conditions, when anesthesia is needed. But this almost immediate effect does not last long.
  3. And using the low frequencies 10, 20, 60 Hz we prolong the effect, in some cases up to 5-6 hours. It's also interesting, that the frequency of 10 Hz stimulates production of endorphins the substances with analgesic action. And in general the "Therapy" mode is successfully used to restore the functions of the various internal organs and vital systems;
  4. the "Screening" mode shall help to find problem zones (when there're no symptoms yet, but the pathological process has already begun) and to influence them for even more successful treatment;
  5. using 77 10 and 77 AM modes you can influence the nervous system quickly and raise the tone of the body without harm to health and, on the contrary, calm the nerves and improve sleep.


Russian word in menu -> Meaning in English

DENAS-T menu english

Download The value of the buttons and screen of the device DENAS-T in English (PDF)


Power supply - LR6/AA battery 2 pcs.

Weight of the device 0.3 kg

Dimensions - 1656565 mm