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The operating principle of this device is based on one of the most effective methods of modern physiotherapy Ц dynamic electroneurostimulation (DENS). This method consists of exposure of microcurrents to skin receptors, which evokes a response in organs and tissues.

The DENS method is effective for treatment of acute respiratory diseases, headache and toothache, menstrual pain, muscle and joint pain, and osteochondrosis pain. The device removes inflammation edema and promotes healing of wounds, fractures and burns.

The new DiaDENS-T replaces its precursor and preserves all its best features: operability, wide range of exposure modes, connectability to remote electrodes for treatment of hard-to-reach spots. Therewith, it became more compact and ergonomic. The model is supplemented by a large LCD and a countdown timer.

The DiaDENS-T renders an effect in three modes: - Curative Ц "Therapy" (Th) mode is represented by five exposure frequencies (20Hz, 60Hz, 77Hz, 140Hz & 200Hz); - Preventive Ц MED (M); - "Screening" (S).

140Hz and 200Hz therapeutic frequencies are applied to the direct projection of the complaint. An effect can be achieved in the first minutes of treatment and lasts from several minutes to an hour. To enhance a curative effect, exposure of the device may be continued at the lower frequency. Indications: Full-blown pain associated with locomotor system diseases and affections, and pathology of the peripheral nervous system.

A therapeutic frequency of 60Hz and 77Hz is applied to the direct projection of the complaint and segmental areas. An effect appears in 15-30 minutes and lasts for 1-1.5 hours and even longer. Indications: Functional disturbances and pain syndromes of internal diseases and during a postoperative period.

A therapeutic frequency of 20Hz is applied to the direct projection of the complaint, segmental and universal areas. A maximum curative effect develops in 20-60 minutes and lasts for several hours. Indications: Functional disturbances and pain syndromes of internal and locomotor system diseases, treatment during a postoperative period.

The "Screening" mode allows the choice of optimal areas of exposure for improvement of systemic DENS effect and detection of hidden problem zones through analysis of an increase in rate of electrical impedance of the skin in areas around the selected area.

The MED mode (Minimal Effective Dose) should be used in cases of expected physical or brainwork, physical and mental strain, and for prevention of colds during epidemics.

Euro Diadens-T


Characteristics of the device

Power supply - LR6/AA battery Ц 2 pcs.
Pulse repetition frequency:
Ц in the "Screening" and MED mode Ц 10Hz;
Ц in the "Therapy" mode Ц 20Hz, 60Hz, 77Hz, 140Hz & 200Hz.
Weight of the device Ц 0.3 kg.
Dimensions - 135х51х46mm