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 This additional electrode to the device:
  • Used in conjunction with apparatus DENAS and DiaDENS
  • Necessary for comfortable treatment

Pain syndrome in locomotorium disease - it`s a problem that can suddenly come up and stay for a long time. Time, hours there is no difference for pain. What is left for us to do if pain starts during a trip and you cannot reach the pain zone in the back yourself by device? The remote therapeutic zonal electrode DENS-applicator is to be used in this situation.

DENS-applicator - this is the way to optimize the procedure of dynamic electric neuro stimulation. The extension of treatment area allows to reduce the time and treatment term and as a result makes the procedure more effective.

DENS-applicator is fixed easily and firmly on definite part of body, extremities area, joints. The patient feels comfortable and can treat difficult to access zones unassisted using the remote electrode for Denas and DiaDens.

DENS-applicator is effective when you have:

  • pain or discomfort in the back or neck area (myotonia, osteochondrosis, supercooling, trauma, injury, inflammation);
  • pain or discomfort in muscles of lower or upper extremities (myositis, overtrain, sprain, injury)
  • joint pain (arthritis, arthrosis, trauma, injury)

DENS-applicator is recommended for the achievement of a quick result. The treatment course is recommended for complete function recovery.


DENAS-applicator on the neck
DENAS-applicator on the back
example of use DENAS-applicator
DENAS-applicator on the leg