One hundred years ago DENS therapy would have been a miracle. Today it is applied by over a two million people

Drug treatment can be compared with a wheelchair. It is used when you can't do without it. A wheelchair is helpful in moving a person 'from point A to point B', but it cannot help you get to your feet and walk on your own.

One and the same pill produces a different effect on different people

Every person is unique. Someone may fall sick after sitting next to an open window in a taxi bus, and someone may drink water from a town river and still be all right. That is why every patient requires an individual approach, rather than a routine 7 or 10 minutes' check-up that you can be afforded at a polyclinic.

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What, in fact, helps you achieve a pain-free life?

The pain that makes you visit a doctor is a signal indicating the 'failure' of some body organ or system. Active and pain-free living is not about constantly suppressing the signals of some physical impairment, but a timely elimination of the causes of illness.

In most cases a human body is capable of 'self-repairing'. This requires some stimulation of certain areas of the body that are responsible for the stable function of specific organs and systems.

Just like in traditional Chinese medicine, but with comfort

In the East they stimulate active areas with needles, special sticks or with fingers. This is very efficacious, but quite painful, too. The DENS therapy is also based on stimulating the internal organs and systems through the skin, but is completely painless.

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The DENS therapy not only helps you get rid of your pain and discomfort, but also stimulates self-healing to eliminate the cause of pain. The method has been tested for 16 years and has been effective in curing 300 diseases. It has been applied for 10 years in children's and adult polyclinics and hospitals, and over 2 million people worldwide have been using the DENAS and the DIADENS in their homes and offices.

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From 0 up to 100 years old

The DENAS and the DIADENS fit all ages. They will rid your baby of its colic and his/her great grandma of her arthritis with the same ease. Besides, they cure exactly what they are to cure. They cure the baby of its colic and the great grandma of her arthritis. But not the other way round.

A single apparatus for the whole family

One and the same apparatus can be used by all the family. It is more efficient than taking countless sick leaves and much better than various hospital appliances that are passed from hand to hand. While the head of the family is having therapy the others may be taking preventive steps.

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Therapy may be pain-free

The DENAS and the DiaDENS produce electric current of very low intensity. You won't feel it if you have a low pain threshold. Even a little baby or a sleeping cat is unable to feel it.

At leisure and at work

Whether you are at home, at your office, in your summer cottage, in the car or on the train, you can soothe your pain, get rid of any discomfort or give first aid to other people in a few minutes. Besides, it's much more pleasant to have home therapy than waste hours standing in a queue at a polyclinic.

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Both safe and secure

The DENAS and the DIADENS have fewer contraindications than an analgin tablet. And they have no side effects either. Choose your apparatus right now or learn more about DENS therapy.