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NEURODENS-Cardio device for blood pressure correction with four therapeutic programs

NEURODENS-Cardio - designed for a course of treatment of biologically active areas of the person by low frequency electrical current impulses to correct blood pressure (BP) and normalize the general state of the body.

With a course of application apparatus NEURODENS-Cardio stabilizes blood pressure, improves overall health, reduces the number of taken medications. In addition, regular use of the device - is the prevention of hypertensive crises, life-threatening complications and the probability of prolongation of life of patients.

Procedures with the apparatus NEIRODENS-Kardio helps to normalize the tone of the vascular wall, the expansion of capillaries, improve hemodynamics in the microcirculation system.

The device NEURODENS-Cardio is recommended for people over 14 years:

  • with episodic high blood pressure in stressful situations, weather changes, etc., in individuals with a labile form of hypertension
  • In stable high blood pressure in patients with hypertension - as an addition to the complex of medical treatment.
  • The device is very easy to use, it is equipped with an informative color display with large icons, a wide and soft cuff for fixation on the wrist and lower leg, as well as an extending cuff for fixation under the knee.

    Procedures with the apparatus NEURODENS-Cardio help to normalize the tone of the vascular wall, expand capillaries, improve hemodynamics in the microcirculation system.

    Due to this:

    • stabilizes blood pressure at an acceptable level for the patient;
    • Improves overall health;
    • psycho-emotional state improves;
    • increases efficiency;
    • The risk of complications of hypertension decreases;
    • Improves the quality of life of the patient.


    NEURODENS-Cardio has four programs, each of which affects a specific cause of high blood pressure.

    The device in program №1 is working on the biologically active point Nei-guan on the inner surface of the wrist (3 cm from the wrist fold). Its stimulation regulates vascular tone, which normalizes blood pressure.

    Before the session in the program № 2 NEIRODENS-Cardio is put on the leg. On the inner side of the shin is biologically active point san-ing-jiao. Its stimulation improves water-salt, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. This procedure leads to reduction of edema, drainage of excess fluid and prevention of atherosclerosis.

    The procedure in program №3 takes place on the Wai Guan point and it is aimed at correction of endocrine disorders. The procedure is recommended for people with increased blood pressure on the background of diabetes, obesity.

    In program №4 the device acts on the Jiu-san-li point (it is also called the point of longevity). It is located under the knee, and in order to set the device on the desired area, we lengthen the cuffs with an additional element. The effect of this procedure is relaxing. Here on the principle of the third program: the procedure in the program №4 is shown if the increase in blood pressure occurs against the background of emotional stress.


    The programs ideally complement each other, therefore it is recommended to treat firstly in program № 1, then in program № 2 and/or № 3, № 4 in order to obtain a greater effect on the session.

    Recommendations for use for a course of treatment: 1-2 sessions a day for 10-15 days regardless of the parameters of BP before the procedure. With a stable form of hypertension repeat the course monthly.

    Attention! Against the background of the device NEURODENS-CARDIO required to take medication prescribed by your doctor! Changing drug regimens and reduce the doses of drugs taken is possible only after a stable decrease in BP, in consultation with your doctor.

    There are contraindications. Use in accordance with instructions

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