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Device DENAS-Vertebra

DENAS-Vertebra-2 is the device for dynamic electroneurostimulation and electromassage, especially created for impact on segmentary zones of the back, for analgesic therapy and correction of functional violations at various diseases.

DENAS-Vertebra includes all earlier made achievements and advantages of devices of the class Denas and Diadens.

DENAS-Vertebra is used for:

  1. the treatment of sharp and chronic pain syndromes at diseases of a backbone, joints, muscles;
  2. the anesthesia and correction of functional frustration at diseases of internals;
  3. as facilities of rehabilitation after the postponed diseases, surgical interventions, injuries;
  4. as facilities of increase of adaptative opportunities of an organism at physical and intellectual overfatigue.

The back is the most vulnerable zone of the majority of people, problems with muscles and a backbone occupy one of the leading places among diseases. The second important point is a unique possibility of impact on functions of internals by processing of segmentary zones of a back and a backbone. Besides, automatic switching of electrodes in the course of treatment creates effect of "the running wave" which models various effects of massage, according to the speed and the frequency of the influence.

Any method of physical therapy is effective only if it considers specific features of the specific person. The method of treatment, rules of using the device, a design when work is carried out, according to an account individual sensitivity to influence all these things allow to pick up unique approach to the person and to solve a problem which wasn't solved till today's moment in other ways.

DENAS-Vertebra device works according to five automated programs, which cover the main problems.

  • The program (A) provides an influence on the hole area of the back, with modeling of the main effects of massage, provides the revitalizing and strengthening, preventive influence. As a result of antistress massage, stress and fatigue are removed. Such program can be recommended for an application to the people, which expose muscles of a back and a backbone in view of small mobility, lingering static loadings: these are office workers, people, who are occupied with hard physical work. In programs B and C there is a possibility of the choice of a zone, which disturbs the person.

  • The program (B) - specialized ,which allows to struggle with a strong pain in the back, provides anesthesia at such problems as osteochondrosis, injuries, bruises, a radicular syndrome and so forth...

  • The program (C) will provide massage of the chosen area, it is good for an aftercare when the sharp pain syndrome is left, but small pain still exists, (constraint of muscles). This program can be also applied as a method of complex treatment for diseases of internals.

  • The program (D) is intended for emergency aid at an acute pain. It is the classical program checked in many researches. The cycle of a medical session can be repeated several times (if it is necessary).

  • New! The program (E) (added to the model Vertebra-2) - Individual prevention and therapy of acute and chronic spinal diseases. It improves the results of treatment of acute and chronic pain in back with course applying of programs B and C. Denas - Vertebra-2 automatically finds this problem zone and will stimulate it in therapeutic purposes. Also very important indication to use the program "E" is the effects that we're getting by massaging the spine with general regulatory actions.

A very important advantage of the device of DENAS-Vertebra is the possibility of its use at any stage of treatment and rehabilitation. Unlike manual massage the device can be used from the first days of a disease at backbone hernias, at injuries, even sharp, at chronic diseases of a backbone.

During the work DENAS-Vertebra intensive mechanical influence, shift of vertebras and fabrics are excluded, but for the account the skin of feelings the main methods of massage including stroking, a petrissage, a tapotement, easy vibration are modelled. Two factors produce classical influence by impulses of DENS-therapy and electromassage provide high comfort of procedure.

The device is the great assistant in therapy of various pain syndromes. The bonus of use of DENAS-Vertebra provides the all-revitalizing action on the whole organism, normalization of the general health and a dream, and the most important completion of that resource of health, which allows us to lead full-fledged life. To gain lasting effect of improvement of an organism, is required by the regular application. At a general tendency of a lack of time, impossibility to visit experts regularly and to accept DENAS-Vertebra procedures, gives the fine chance to be engaged in treatment at home. The medical sessions last 25 minutes, as each of us can find the best for himself, to improve all aspects of health and thus, quality of his life.

DENAS-Vertebra device can work both: portable and from the network. The automation of process of treatment allows to use DENAS-Vertebra in the conditions of medical institution by a line method and to lower labor costs. The zone of portable electrodes is universal, it is made with calculation of average length of area of the back. Height of electrodes, taking into account physiological bends of a backbone is specially picked up; full contact of electrodes with a body is provided too.

The device can be used for children since 7-8 years. The working surface is executed from the soft and elastic washing material; the kind of foam rubber which keeps a form good. For the full comfort in a set there are special hygienic napkins, the surface can be processed by the antiseptics. The control panel is very simple in application and will be clear to any user.

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Price Denas-Vertebra-2 (New model 2015):

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Maximum current consumption of the device under supply voltage of 3,00,15 V:

  • in mode of electrostimulation no more than300 mA;
  • in switched off mode no more than 100 uA.
  • Weight of the device without batteries:

  • electrostimulation module no more than 5 kg;
  • control panel no more than 180 g.
  • External dimensions of the device are no more than:

  • control panel - 1405528 mm;
  • electrostimulation module- 90036570 mm.
  • Below you can see list of delivery for the device:

    Device DENAS-Vertebra - 1 pcs
    Operations manual - 1 pcs
    Safety sheet
    Battery of type LR6/AA (not included)
    Consumer's container - 1 pcs


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