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Since the release of the first DENAS more than twelve years have passed. The novelty is an advanced version of the popular appliance. In addition to the existing modes "Therapy", 77 and 140 Hz, the MED program is installed, and this means that not only therapeutic, but also preventive sessions can be carried out.

In other words, with DENAS-3 you can:

  1. get rid of the pain, which can be done very quickly (with a frequency of 140 Hz) and for a long time (with a frequency of 77 Hz);
  2. improve your state of health in case of chronic diseases;
  3. receive high-quality rehabilitation after injuries, operations and various diseases with complete or partial elimination of presenting symptoms. This equally applies to both acute and chronic diseases of different kinds;
  4. help yourself or your family in emergency cases before the ambulance arrival;
  5. with the help of MED program you can support your organism before or during intense physical and mental work, as well as provide prevention of colds during the epidemic period, find out hidden problem areas for early treatment. For quality and quick (only 6 minutes) prevention session you need to choose MED program in the menu, enable the appliance and then place it on the immune zone or point (for example, on the 7th cervical vertebra).


Power supply - LR6/AA battery – 2 pcs.

Weight of the device – 0.3 kg

Dimensions - 165х65х65 mm



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