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DENAS-OSTEO-2: No neck pain

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The neck is one of the important parts of the body not only because it controls the head movements. The state of the muscles of the neck and cervical spine defines the activity of the nervous system, as well as blood circulation and nutrition of the head, which means the brain, eyes, tongue, ears. In other words, the state of the neck defines the clarity of thoughts, clearness of their expression, hearing and visual acuity. Any neck disorder is reflected both in the reduction of the above mentioned functionality, and muscle ache or headache. In short, if you have a headache, treat your neck disorders.

In 2015, a new device for the treatment of functional disorders in the neck and shoulder girdle was released. It was DENAS-Osteo 2nd generation.

Indications for Denas-Osteo-2:

  • pain syndrome,
  • muscle tension,
  • restricted mobility,
  • muscle fatigue and other functional disorders caused by disorders related to cervical spine, neck and shoulder girdle muscles, as well as long forced position or heavy physical work.

Operating modes:

  • "Pain Therapy" - is used for severe pain in the neck and shoulder girdle, headache
  • "Relaxation" - removes the excess muscle tension, improves blood circulation, promotes reduction and treatment of headaches, it is applied for chronic fatigue and sleep disorders
  • NEW! "Headache" - is used for muscle tension and discomfort in the neck combined with headache
  • NEW! "Weather sensitivity" - is used for muscle tension and discomfort in the neck combined with weather sensitivity.

Treatment procedures

DENAS-Osteo-2 procedures are fully automated, which means they are as simple as possible. Fix the device on your neck before you start the session, and then use the control panel to turn it on and select the desired program. DENAS-Osteo will take care of your neck during the session, which lasts 15-20 minutes. It will remove muscle spasm, relieve pain, remove discomfort or eliminate fatigue.

Another nice thing is that DENAS-Osteo can increase flexibility and mobility not only of the neck but also of the entire spine. This is explained by the common regulatory DENAS effect (while dealing with a specific problem there is stimulation of the whole body). Many users of this device note mood improvement, as well as sleep normalization and improved performance efficiency.

DENAS-Osteo-2 is able to take high-quality preventive measures, save you from aches and pains, as well as boost energy and vivacity that modern people need so much. And most importantly, you do not need any additional knowledge or great efforts. Just put on the device on your neck, select the desired program and heal yourself.

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