Medical apparatus DENAS and DiaDENS

What are the advantages of DENS therapy?

DENS: Dynamic Electro Neuro Stimulation therapy

The treatment apparatus DENAS pleasant

Soft physiological effects

The DENS device creates physiological impulses which are similar to natural human Neuro-impulses. It works in a soft and gentle mode without disturbing the rhythm of the internal organs & system. The device also does not harm the skin.

high efficiency of DENAS

High efficiency and lack of adaptation

The form of Neuro-impulses keeps on changing during the treatment session depending on the response of organism. This helps in the effectiveness of treatment and eliminates the possibility of addiction {Adaptation}.

the DENAS can be treated with birth

Minimum contraindications & No age limit

Due to the similarity of Neuro-impulses, DENS therapy can be conducted at any age, whether on an infant or old age persons.

Great series of DENAS devices

Variety of devices

More than dozen, universal & specialized apparatuses are available, which can be used either in clinics or at home.

The DENAS is very easy to be treated

Safe and easy for use

Most of the devices are compact and operate on batteries so the procedure can be carried out independently and without any special medical education.

The DENAS treat runny nose, inflammation, injuries and chronic disease

Treatment of wide range of diseases

Electro Neuro stimulation {DENS} restores the immune, endocrine and nervous systems. This results in various therapeutic effects, such as; Analgesic effect, Anti-inflammatory effect, Antipyretic. In addition DENS helps in treating various acute & chronic diseases.

DENAS and Diadens is used for prophylaxis


DENS therapy is widely used in preventive measures, for stress, exacerbations etc. This therapy also helps in recovering from injury or illness.

Diadens is combined with other treatments


DENS or dynamic electro Neuro stimulation therapy easily combines with other form of treatment, increasing the effect. This enhances the effect of medicines, so that a reduced dose of medication is needed.

DENAS created for the whole family

For family and home

DENAS devices are very compact, so old age persons or children can easily handle & use them. DENAS apparatus is helpful for the treatment and prevention of almost all diseases. Its use can restore sight, patch up wrinkles or heal back ache.