European analogue of DENAS-Vertebra

It is unbelievable but the European analogue of DENAS-Vertebra is 10-times more expensive!


MEDICA-2014 exhibition that was attended by Corporation DENAS MS representatives in November of 2014 in Dusseldorf introduced not only innovative developments in medicine and medical equipment production but once again shown that the Denas devices are much cheaper and excel the devices by European manufacturers in quality.

The perfect example is the comparison of two electrical therapy devices DENAS VERTEBRA and StimaWELL120MTRS.

StimaWELL120 Electrical stimulation device is manufactured by German company named Schwa-Medico. The principle of operation (so-called "running wave" electrical stimulation with altering switching on of the electrodes for impact on neck and back areas) and StimaWELL device design are similar to the DENAS-Vertebra device. However, the price of German device is 12900 euros, which is 10 times higher than DENAS-Vertebra price!

Please visit the Schwa-Medico official website ( ) in order to make sure.

Does it make sense to pay 10-times more for the same technology and same results consequently?

Certainly not.

DENAS-Vertebra device manufactured by ST DENAS has the following advantages comparing to its foreign analogues:

  • - Functional capabilities for curing of wide range of diseases;
  • - The price of the device.
  • denas-vertebro

    We are proud that our own developments and production facilities allow us to offer the unique in their impact physiotherapeutic devices at reasonable prices.

    Are you still in doubt whether to buy the DENAS-Vertebra device?