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I do not know any other mеthods
which would give so much hope
Professor Kh. Vasserman, 2001

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 News DENAS and DiaDENS device

About DENAS device
A popular way to solve health problem for today in home is DENS devices. They are successfully used not only in home by people without medical education but in clinics by specialists and doctors [more detail]
:: Method registration "DENS-therapy"
Federal Service of control the public health and social development sphere has granted "DENAS MS" Corporation with Registration certificate № FC-2005/004 for "Dynamic electric stimulation" method on the 4-th of March, 2005 [more detail]


Certificated (Full English) devices:

  • DiaDENS-PCM + DENS-Applicator - 700 USD
  • DiaDENS-PCM - 580 USD
  • Action! DENAS-Vertebra + Gift! -  1650 USD
  • Device cetrificate № CQ070361-V CE 0535 from 05/02/2007

    Delivery cost and term of delivery:

    • Europa, UK - 20 USD (5-7 workdays)
    • USA, Canada - 20 USD (5-7 workdays)
    • Australia - 30 USD (5-7 workdays)

       Only for our clients FREE of charge:
    • Medical consultations
    • Access to the latest English articles of DENS-therapy (from doctors of different specialties)
    • Access to the latest new English books and editions

    • And also:
    • Discounts for next purchases

     Medicine - DENS-therapy

  • Basic principles of DENAS-therapy
  • What is necessary to know before starting to use apparatuses
  • Nervous system and principles of apparatus operation
  • Efficiency of apparatuses
  • Difference between apparatus DENAS and other electric therapeutic devices
  • Effects caused in human body by application of apparatuses of DENS-THERAPY
  • Indications to DENAS-therapy
  • Contraindications to DENAS-therapy
  •  [Part "DENS-therapy"]


  • comparative_table.zip [1.5 Mb, PDF, Comparative table of Dens-therapy's devices: DENAS, DiaDENS-PCM\PC\T\DT, in English]
  • manual_diadens.zip [510 Kb, PDF, Operations Manual/Passport - Device DiADENS-T/DT, in English]
  • manual_denas.zip [250 Kb, PDF, Operations Manual/Passport - Device DENAS, in English]
  • certificate.zip [1,3 Mb, All certification]
  • present_denas.zip [9 Mb, Flash, in Russian]
  •  [more download]

    TOP 3 - DENAS MC products

    DiaDENS-PCM has a menu as a mobile phone and treatment algorithms of widespread diseases. The device is very simple to use.
    EuroDiaDENS-TDevice "DiaDENS-T"
    Physiotherapy apparatus for treatment of wide diseases spectrum in hospital and at home ...
    DENS-GLASSESDENS-glasses - ophthalmologic electrode
    NEW! DENS-glasses for those who aims at 100% eyesight ...
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